ASCOLTA's essence:

pure and sophisticated design.

We were born in July, 2017 in Italy. We are a human team dedicated to interiorism and furniture and products design. We wish to demonstrate a very special way of living places as well as creating what imagination can make up.


We are part of Distrito Arenales, design and art center of Buenos Aires City.



ASCOLTA is a channel to materialize creations. We make unique sophisticated places based on people's needs and desires.

"ASCOLTA" brand name cames from ascoltare, an italian word that means "to listen". It was created by the fusion of italian culture and perception senses, which are the most basic and primary way human beings experience the world around. We have chosen the ear as the key sense to develop that perception and relationship. We listen to others´needs so we can inspire us to let us reflect that through pure and applied design.

Our Inspiration

Facundo Amandola was born in a neighborhood near Montevideo coast, in Uruguay. His childhood and youth were marked by drawing as his play-time moments. His life was always related to design, aesthetic, the form, and how to do these a part of people's way-of-living.


He studied Construction Management and Interior Design; then he specialized at Marangoni Design School in Milan. His +10-year professional and job experience began in Montevideo city. He has been empowered as draftsman, product manager, designer, production head and construction project director. He figured out how to make his ideas greater in Montevideo, San Pablo and Buenos Aires cities.


His sources of inspiration are to travel around the world, to watch people living their every-day lifes and their needs. Facundo's designing style and creations are widely well-known in Argentina by main mass media as well as specialized media in architecture and design. Some interviews and press hits involve top magazines such as D&D (Design & Decoration), Para Ti and Caras, and top newspapers like Clarin and La Nacion.

We listen to others' needs to let that inspire us.

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