We are a channel that allows creations to materialize.

  • Estudio -Nuestro origen -EN

    Our origin

    We were born in June 2017, in Italy. We are a human group dedicated to interior design, furniture and products. We want to demonstrate a very personal way of living spaces and being able to reproduce what the imagination unfolds.

    We design from our own ideas, of an international and sophisticated nature, to create comfortable and pleasant spaces for the senses, aesthetic and functional at the same time, that allow people to enjoy life.

  • Our mission

    We do what we are passionate about

    We design unique and sophisticated spaces and products that reflect the needs, desires and tastes of those who inhabit them.
    We value creativity and balance between aesthetics and functionality.
    We are characterized by quality, continuous improvement and teamwork.

  • Brand value

    The philosophy of our proposal

    The brand name ASCOLTA comes from the Italian word “ascoltare”, which in Spanish means to listen. It arises after the fusion of Italian culture with the senses of perception, which are the basic and primary way in which human beings experience the world around us. Taking the ear as the key sense to exercise that perception and relationship, we listen to the needs of the other, to inspire ourselves in the other and then reflect that in the pure and applied design.

Our inspiration

  • Facundo Amándola Pacheco

    Facundo Amándola Pacheco


    I was born in Montevideo, Uruguay. My childhood and adolescence were marked by drawing as my moments of play. My life is related to design, aesthetics, forms; and how to integrate all this into the way of life of others.

    I studied Construction Management and Interior Design, specializing in Istituto Marangoni in Milan. My work and professional experience, of more than 15 years, began in my native country. I have gained experience as a draftsman, product manager, designer, production manager, project and construction manager. I knew how to exploit my ideas in Montevideo, San Pablo and Buenos Aires.

    My sources of inspiration are traveling, observing people's daily lives and their needs.



    Gabriela Casagrande Arquitetura

    Av. Sete de Setembro 5402.

    Batel, Curitiba – Brasil.


    Studio Barla

    Av. Kennedy 5600, Of. 1209.

    Vitacura, Santiago – Chile.